Providing quality accomodation for people who need supported living

It is widely acknowledged that there is a chronic shortage of housing in this country and a rising number of homeless people. Local government departments are being hit by a double whammy of lower funding through austerity measures and lower benefits for individuals who are eligible. Councils cannot manage this as they are being forced to sell off the empty buildings that they own at the same time as they’re accountable for providing accommodation for the growing number of people on their housing lists. Their solution is to use bed and breakfasts and other short stay facilities but this is neither an efficient nor an effective solution for the following reasons: 1) It’s illegal to house families in temporary accommodation for a prolonged period of time. 2) the facilities are frequently sub-standard as they do not meet the basic needs of the individuals and 3) it’s at an expensive solution adding great expense to the tax-payer.

New Leaf Living’s inception is a direct response to this problem. We provide good quality accommodation at lower than average rental market rates to housing associations throughout the West Midlands. We work with selected partners (Clients) who are contracted to local government to solve the housing shortfall for the homeless population. Our initial aim was to provide accommodation for 100 people to have the opportunity to regain their self-esteem and comfort through attainment of independent living.

Giving our partners space to grow

We have contractual agreements with our Clients guaranteeing rental income for the long term. In return, our injection of private equity allows our Clients to accelerate their growth, helping many more people achieve independent living. We use our specialist knowledge and our power team of contacts to source property at the right price and in the right areas to generate the cash-flow that pays our investors. We see property as a long-term investment and so the returns we subsequently guarantee are also locked in for the long term.

Making Great returns on our investments

Property has, for a long time, been a great asset base for investing. With the demand we have for the quality accommodation we provide and over 25 years experience as investors we are able to make excellent returns whilst investing in this long term asset class. For more detail please click the link below

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