Great Returns On Our Investments

For Investors:

Our proposition is simple. We use our investor's money to buy houses that meet the strict criteria set by our Clients. In return, each house we buy and sign over to our Clients is like a cash machine for our investors with all the benefits of property but without the headache as we manage the day to day activity.

Better than Bank returns

Our investors are frustrated with bankers making huge profits by gambling their savings whilst giving lower than inflation returns. They are irritated that their money is not working for them and in reality is de-valuing every single day through inflation. It’s a fact! Every day that your savings are at an interest rate lower than inflation your money is worth less than it was yesterday!

Our investors understand this and are delighted by our better than bank and inflation beating returns. In effect, we give our investors the benefits of the high returns achievable in property, but without the risks and hassle associated.

Want to join the team?

We know our returns on investment are superior to any of the top four banks and that competition is really strong to join our family of investors so we have a process of qualification that we go through to make sure that you are right for our investment team and we are the right fit for you.

Due to the exciting growth plans our clients have just shared with New Leaf Living, we have an opportunity right now for a limited number of investors to join us. If you are serious about investing and have £50,000+ available to invest now, then please contact us now for more details.

This is a unique opportunity to help us solve a problem and in return help yourself improve your savings related income, far exceeding the very low returns from high street institutions.

Click here to apply to join our investment or send us an email from the Contact Page